Rock Hill Radiology Associates
Rock Hill Radiology Associates

Important Message to our BCBS of SC Patients

While Rock Hill Radiology is still negotiating with BCBS for a new network contract, the following is important information for our Patients. 



Rock Hill Radiology (RHR) is not in-network with BCBS. What does that mean to me? Only BCBS PPO patients might be affected. If you have BCBSState, BCBS Federal, BCBS Medicare; or, another BCBS Plan other than BCBS PPO…your benefits remain the same. RHR is still a network provider for these plans.

Are mammograms covered? Yes, the screening mammogram program for most BCBS Plans is covered under a separate contract. RHR remains a network provider under that contract. If your BCBS insurance card says “Mammography Network” on it…your screening mammograms are covered.
What bills will I receive from the Hospital and from Rock Hill Radiology? For most Radiology procedures the patient will receive two bills: One from the Hospital for performing the exam that was ordered; and, one from the Radiologist for reading the film. 
The Hospital charge & your BCBS Plan benefits for performing the exam are unchanged. The hospital has a separate contract with BCBS for performing the exam. The Hospital is in-network with BCBS. All of your plan benefits with BCBS will remain the same for the Hospital charges.
Does my insurance still cover the Radiologist’s charge for reading my exam? Yes. The RHR charge for reading the exam is still a covered service; but, depending on your BCBS Plan benefits may be different when the Radiologist is not in-network.  (See the questions below)
I did not have a choice as to what physician would read my exams. What do I do? BCBS may still cover this service under your in-network Plan Benefits. Call the BCBS Customer Service number on your BCBS insurance card and request in-network benefits. BCBS does not automatically deny these requests.
Will I have to pay the full charge to Rock Hill Radiology? No. RHR will be offering affected BCBS patients a discount from the Charge; and, RHR will be offering an additional discount for prompt payment when the patient receives the Bill.
Will my claims still be filed with BCBS? Yes, RHR will file your claim with BCBS. When the claim has been processed, RHR will send the patient a Bill for any balance due. Note: BCBS may send the insurance reimbursement directly to the patient. You are still responsible for the amount due on the Statement.
How do I reach Rock Hill Radiology? Call 803-327-2828, Option #2. Or, Toll Free: 888-805-8182, Option #2. For BCBS inquiries, you may also call our temporary direct line: 803-324-4114