Rock Hill Radiology Associates
Rock Hill Radiology Associates

Our Radiologists

The best care…close to home. The radiologists at Rock Hill Radiology Associates are Board Certified and members of the American College of Radiology. Our radiologists work with you and your referring physician to put you back on the road to recovery. Our expertise includes all areas of Medical Imaging (see Our Services).

Dr.  Loren A. Buck, Radiologist
Dr. Loren A. Buck
Dr. John M. Gowdy, Radiologist
Dr. John M. Gowdy
Dr. Matthew S. Guy, Radiologist
Dr. Matthew S. Guy
Dr. Greg Jones, Radiologist
Dr. Greg A. Jones
Dr. Bruce A. Leonard, Radiologist
Dr. Bruce A. Leonard
Dr. Mark R Matthews, Radiologist
Dr. Mark R Matthews
Dr. Edward D. McKinney, Jr., Radiologist
Dr. Edward D. McKinney, Jr.
Dr. Robert Reuter, Radiologist
Dr. Robert Reuter
Dr. Lawrence P. Soderstrom, Radiologist
Dr. Lawrence P. Soderstrom
Dr. Peter A. Stangas, Radiologist
Dr. Peter A. Stangas

Caitlin Pellant, N.P., Radiology Nurse Practitioner
Caitlin Pellant, N.P.